About Barn Riot

Barn Riot is a premium NFT project on the Cardano Blockchain. We are home to fun, edgy, and sometimes unholy pieces of art.

Like-minded collectors are invited to join our community (of Rioters) as we shape the future of this amazing project. It all begins with Riot 1 in Q4 2021 with the launch of the UnHoly Kow Collection.

Join the conversation on Discord and Twitter to help determine what comes next.

The Barn Riot Story

After years of research, Brian finally cracked the code and
With salvaged parts from the dump, he built his very own quantum node.

With tones of excitement and away from watchful eyes,
He switched on his contraption to immense surprise.

From the machine flickered lights bright and green.
Then emerged a bovine-like creature his eyes had never seen.

"What the heck is happening?" Prolonged his rant.
As out of his machine, came the very first deviant.

He couldn't help but wonder, "what will happen now?"
Then with a voice of thunder… The creature roared, "MY NAME IS UNHOLY KOW!".

"From now on, this is my portal.
I'll use it to summon my friends, whose numbers, you'll never total.

We are many, as the multiverse is vast.
From this barn we'll launch our riot, and power will be ours at last."